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Hi, I'm Leyla, creator & curator of The Aware Co. blog.


Based in Fethiye, southern Turkey, The Aware Co. seeks to promote conscious living by sharing stories of nature, local makers, and creativity, all with an awareness of the preciousness of our planet. 

Having lived on the Mediterranean coast for the past 6 years, I've witnessed the toll of tourism, construction and agriculture on an area of spectacular natural beauty. Through my work as a designer, and by creating initiatives and events to boost community and togetherness, I've crossed paths with many wonderful local souls who create consciously, promote awareness, seek change, and have hope. Hope that with enough positivity, innovation, and support for one another, we can slowly carve a future that our planet, and future generations, deserve from us.


Collaboration and community interaction are very much welcome. If you are a budding writer or photographer with work to share to the world, or would like to suggest people or topics to be included on the blog, please get in touch.


contact Leyla via:

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