Soap Nuts

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Sabun Cevizi (200g)

The natural, sustainable, 100% compostable alternative to washing detergent.

These dried berries of the Sapindus Mukorossi tree (a member of the Lychee family), native to the Himalayas, have been used for centuries as a natural way to clean clothes. Once activated in warm water, they release saponins which are effective in cleaning light-to-medium soiled garments. They are fragrance-free, so perfect for people with allergies or skin conditions.

Simply place 5-6 nuts into the muslin bag supplied, tie tightly and add to the machine with your clothes. If you wash on low temperatures (as all us Aware folk do), then it’s necessary to activate the nuts in hot water for a few minutes. We recommend placing your bag in a jar with hot water, waiting a few minutes, then give it a gentle shake. Then simply place the bag along with the saponin-infused hot water into the machine, and start your cycle. This same bag of nuts can be used 4-6 times, just ensure they are still producing a bubbly lather when agitated.

The Aware Co.’s Soap Nuts are USDA-certified organic, sold in 200 grams in a muslin cotton bag for shipped orders, or glass jar for local orders (10% discount on refills for returning Fethiye-based shoppers).

Nasıl kullanılır? Bir pamuk torbanın içine 5/6 cevizi koyun ve çamaşır makinesinin içine koyun. Soğuk su kullanıyorsanız, makineye yerleştirmeden önce cevizleri bir bardak ılık suda 5 dakika boyunca etkinleştirin.
Cevizler 5/6 kez tekrar kullanılabilir.