DIY Beeswax Balm Kit

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This sweet kit includes the ingredients required to make 2 x 30ml pots of wonderfully nourishing beeswax balm to be used on lips or dry skin, with local beeswax harvested by Fethiye beekeeper Paye. Packed in a recyled cotton, turmeric stained pouch hand printed with bee motifs. Keep one for you and give one to someone you love!

Feel free to add a 8 - 12 drops of your desired essential oil during the making process, full instructions can be found on our Tutorials page >

Kit includes:

1 jar : 20ml cold-pressed coconut oil, 1 jar: 11 ml jojoba oil + 11 ml sweet almond oil, 3 x heart-shaped beeswax pieces (6 grams each)

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Kit İçeriği:

1 x kavanoz: 20ml Hindistan cevizi yağı, 1 x kavanoz: 11ml Jojoba yağı + 11ml Tatlı Badem yağı, 3 adet kalp şeklinde balmumu (tanesi 6 gram)

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